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The real story behind St. Joost. In the city archives I came across old photos of the former seminary, but what I also found on the internet was that the building burned down completely after WWII and that the building, which was built in 1878, no longer exists at all. The building we now wander around in and has the appearance of a building from 1878, was actually built in 1950.


With this project I wanted to make people aware of their environment and the story that is happening or has happened. I designed a package where everything was put together: a unique piece of detail, the story behind it and a map with the location where you can find this detail. I put them in a place with a sign that you could take them with you. Within 10 minutes they were all gone. It worked - people became enthusiastic and curious. Now every time they walk past the location of THEIR piece of St. Joost, they will think back to the package I gave them and unconsciously let themselves be navigated through the building in a different way.

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