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Schermafbeelding 2019-02-11 om 16.28.14.


Collect wherever I am.

Stones, shells, caps, moments. They amaze me.

Together they form compositions. Perhaps the most beautiful compositions are created by accident? By collecting all kinds of materials my interest in this continues to grow and ensures that I continue to develop my knowledge. My curious and inquisitive attitude makes me want to experiment a lot and acquire new knowledge.


The sensory is important to me. Based on smell, material, color and feeling I make memories tangible. Collecting and making it tangible ensures that the moment persists. Something that seems ordinary to most people, is often something special to me. I would like to share this amazement. I work in an investigative and intuitive way. I have an eye for detail and this is why observation and perceive is important to me as a designer.


I want to hold on. I want to make it tangible. I want to feel. I want to touch. I want to remind you. I want to let you observe. I want to make you feel. I want to let you experience. I want to make time stand still. I want to make it unobtrusive. I want you to stop now and then. Hold on to moments. I want to make you feel what it's been like. Making the ordinary special.

This is me, Mae.

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