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We have a habit of buying souvenirs, as reminders of our whereabouts. By linking memories to objects, one makes them tangible. My personal souvenirs consists of a collection stones and shells. I focus on the smallest details when I am somewhere. Why shouldn’t I share this habit with you? Instead of buying the same mass-produced souvenirs, your personal memory deserves to be linked to something less general.  


My collection is the result of a quest to make memories tactile. As a designer, I will show you how I make your and my own memories tangible, with a collection of objects that lets you dwell on a moment and your environment. I also designed a unique tool, with which I present you with a new possibility to create your own unique memorabilia, with the added value of creating memories. They shape who you are and help you make choices in the future.

Persoonlijke souvenirs .jpeg
Tastbare herinnering_2.jpeg
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